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GPS Coded Scan Access. 


Technicians are required to scan Building's Specific GPS QR code ensuring they are in the proper location. This is required to unlock the elevators within the building.

how it works.

New Inspection vs. Call Back. 


Technicians select 'Start Inspection' or if they are there because of a 'Call Back'. They then need to select an elevator within the building, they plan to inspect.

Areas of Inspection  


Technicians select any areas of an elevator they wish to inspect. They can also view when areas of that elevator  have been inspected last and the percentage of completion. 

Areas of Inspection | AI Technology 


To ensure technicians are in the correct areas, they will be required to unlock the area of inspection by taking a picture. Elevator Oversight uses Artificial Intellegence to determine the areas is correct.

Simple Yes or No 


TTechnicians are required to answer simple Yes or No questions related to the area of inspection. Some questions mandate technician to take a picture per the question. This is important for reporting back to the building owners and management. 

Real Time Reporting 


When inspection is completed, a report is auto generated and sent via email and app notification to all parties associated with the building. These reports can be sent to Building Owners, Management, Board Members, Ect.


Reports can prove to be extremely valuable when questioning if maintenance is being performed, litigation and more.  

maintenance monitoring technology.

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